eco2 diving grants you access to some of
the best fun diving in Tanzania

Already certified? Boat, shore or muck dive, in the Mikindani bay or the marine park, unforgettable fun diving awaits for you anytime of the day. Whatever you desire, Eco2 Diving arranges the perfect schedule for you to discover this unspoiled area the best way.

Besides, please remember that depending on your diving experience (level, last dive and number of dives), we may require you to take a “refresh dive” before any excursion. In a few hours, we get you back on track and go over anything you have forgotten about scuba diving to ensure you dive safely and make the most out of your underwater adventures.

Muck dive

Discover our
world-class shore dive

Boat excursions

Enjoy 1 or 2 tank boat trips

Mnazi-bay marine park

Dive one of the
most secluded marine parks
in the world

Any time of
the day

Venture in the ocean
all day long

Shore / Muck fun diving

Every single day, Eco2 Diving introduces you to a world-class muck dive.
From 5 to 15 meters, you admire a wide range of rare macro life.
In short, we transport you to paradise for a 90′ dive of pure happiness.

Starting by gliding over the sandy bottom, you spot seahorses, frogfish, pipefish, nudibranchs, cuttlefish, and much more.
We then reach the reef covered in soft corals and anemones. Whilst entering this coral garden, you are greeted by mantis shrimp and ribbon eels popping their heads out. As they spot you, the scorpion fish, leaf fish and crocodile fish lie still in their camouflage hoping for the schools of damselfish, butterflyfish, banner fish and moorish idols to distract you enough. At the same time in the blue, surgeon fish and barracudas swim back and forth around you.

We would tell you everything you could see here but instead you just have to come visit.

Contact us in order to book your next muck dive!

  • 1-tank shore dive

    $60 w/o scuba equipment
    $85 with scuba equipment

  • Dive time limit

    Up to 90′ per dive

Black flatworm with white stripes and yellow edge smilling on an underwater branch at eco2 diving mtwara tanzania

Boat trips

For one or two tanks, Eco2 Diving takes you to our incredible dive sites
all in less than 30 minutes
by boat.

Daily, we meet at 8:00 in the morning before heading to the boat. Then, we visit our first dive site in accordance with the day’s conditions and diver experience. During the surface interval, we enjoy fresh fruits and home-made snacks before entering for our second dive. We are finally back at the dive shop by 1:00 PM.

In addition, we arrange fun dives in the afternoon with our 1-tank boat trips for a minimum of 2 people. We first meet at the dive shop at 2:00 PM and return around 5:00 PM so that we are perfectly timed to enjoy a drink watching the sunset.

Contact us in order to book your next boat trip!

  • 1-tank boat trip

    $80 w/o scuba equipment
    $105 with scuba equipment

  • 2-tank boat trip

    $100 w/o scuba equipment
    $125 with scuba equipment

  • Dive time limit

    60′ per dive

We dive not to escape life but
for life not to escape us.


Marine park fun diving

Eco2 Diving offers you the chance to dive one of the most secluded marine parks in the world: the Mnazi-Bay Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park (MBREMP). As a result of being a hidden gem, the marine life there is simply exceptional: in short, you are in for one of your best dives ever.

 Due to a longer commute, the excursions (minimum 2 people) starts at 7:00 AM at the dive shop and ends around 5:00 PM. Likewise, the marine park entrance fees shall be added to the diving fares.

Because of the incredible diving, we provide our divers with different solutions. Morning, afternoon or night dives, snorkeling, altogether, it is up to you to make the most out of your stay. For instance, we may even settle overnight to enjoy a fun dive first thing in the morning.

Contact us in order to organize your dream excursion!


    Day-trip $130

  • Shore dive (Min 2 people)

    Day-trip $150

  • Discover Scuba Diving DSD

    Day-trip $175

  • Marine park entrance fees

    $23.6 per person
    Not included

  • Dive time limit

    60′ per dive

Sunrise / Night fun diving

Since we all share the same passion, we understand how much the ocean changes throughout the day or night. Therefore, whether you want to watch the reef wake up or go to bed, we make it happen. Not to mention our regular dive excursions in the morning and afternoon, enjoy the magic of a sunrise dive or a night dive and feel the heartbeat of the marine life.

Either on a tight schedule or looking for new underwater atmospheres, contact us in order to organise your next dive trip!

  • Shore dive

    Sunrise / Night $75 w/o eqt
    Sunrise / Night $100 with eqt

  • Boat dive (min 2 people)

    Sunrise / Night $100 w/o eqt
    Sunrise / Night $125 with eqt