Eco2 Diving excursions introduce you to
whale-watching and other marine activities

As well as scuba diving, excursions are a great way to discover and explore the treasures of the unspoilt Mikindani region.
Willing to share our passion for the ocean with everyone, we make it accessible to enjoy the beauty of nature by different means.

So, from the surface, a boat, a kayak, or a dhow, you have plenty of ways to fall in love with the area and the marine life.
Have a look below and pick your next excursions!


Rent a kayak or a full boat to
explore the ocean your own way.


Join us for a whale watching or snorkeling excursion and
see what lies beneath.


Go for a Marine park excursion or a sunset dhow experience and observe the Mikindani area like never before.

Whale watching excursions

Live your dream during half a day watching the Humpback whale migration.
From August to November, we are lucky to spot numerous humpback whales in the Mikindani bay.

These gentle giants, reaching up to 16 meters in length and 30 metric tons, migrate twice a year covering an average of 25,000 kms per year. After breeding and giving birth all through the summer in tropical waters, the humpback whales and their calves hit the road. During the Spring, they often stop by Mikindani bay and wave at us like old friends. Now is the time to enjoy and savour these precious moments. Then, they continue heading south to the colder waters of Antartica, waters full of krill and small fish which form most of their diet. Once stocked up on food and fat reserves, they are ready for a new cycle of migration.

All our excursions are highly dependant on weather and tides conditions.
Although we are close friends, we cannot guarantee to always spot them on every outing.   

Contact in us in order to book your next whale-watching excursion!

  • Prices

    On Request

  • Seasonality

    August to November

Humpback whale out of water in the blue during whale watching excursions with Eco2 Diving Mtwara Tanzania

Excursions to Mnazi-bay marine park

All year-round, the Mnazi-Bay Ruvuma Estuary marine park (MBREMP) welcomes you for unforgettable moments: snorkeling in the marine reserve, lazing on the charming Msimbati beach, moving to the Ruvuma river for hippopotamus and crocodiles, you are spoilt for choice.

The Mnazi-Bay Ruvuma Estuary marine Park (MBREMP) is one of the most secluded parks in the world and offers true untouched conditions. In line with your desires, we define a tailor-made excursion from an afternoon to a couple of days. Diving, snorkeling, bird watching, hippos, crocs, lazing on the Msimbati beach, the possibilities are endless.

We also arrange overnight stays for you to appreciate a spectacular sunrise taking a morning swim in this magical place. 

Contact us in order to ask for your tailor-made excursion.

  • Prices

    Depending on activites

  • Seasonality

    All year-round

  • Marine park entrance fees

    $23.6 per person

Msimbati beach white sand with coconut tree in the back during scuba diving excursions with eco2 diving mtwara tanzania

You can never cross the ocean until
you have the courage to lost sight of the shore.

Christopher Columbus

Snorkeling excursions

Depending on your schedule, we arrange snorkel trips with our boat.
Under supervision of a trained professional, you observe the spectacular underwater life and skin dive these untouched reefs.

Our boat snorkelling excursions transport you to the best spots accessible only by boat. After the short briefings, you snorkel and discover two places with incredible marine life and pristine coral gardens in clear water.
Our sites may change according to water conditions and snorkeler abilities.

Contact us in order to organize your snorkeling excursions!

  • Boat Snorkeling trip (Min 2 people)

    $60 with eqt
    2 snorkeling sites

  • Seasonality

    All year-round

Snorkeling girl kid with blue rashguard facing at the surface during snorkeling excursions with Eco2 Diving Mtwara Tanzania

Sunset excursions on dhow

During a couple of hours, admire the colorful sunset on Mikindani village and
discover the area from the bay whilst sipping a nice beverage.

A dhow is a traditional wooden boat used for trading or fishing. These vessels were brought to Tanzania by the Arabs during the last millenium. Nowadays, they strongly belong to the Swahili culture and are part of the daily life.

Contact us in order to book your next Sunset excursions!

  • Prices

    On request

  • Seasonality

    All year-round

Kayak excursions on Mikindani bay

Explore the peaceful Mikindani bay by yourself using one of our kayaks (1 or 2 pers).

For an hour, half-day or a full day, paddle the Mikindani bay and find your best spots to laze in the sun, have a look to Pemba village at the entry of the bay or snorkel in the channel and enjoy the amazing marine life.
You have all the time you want.

Just make sure to not forget your reefsafe sunscreen…

Contact us in order to reserve your kayak excursions!

  • Prices (single / double)

    1 hour $10 / $15
    Half-day $15 / $20
    Full day $20 / $25

  • Seasonality

    All year-round

Private excursions with full boat rental

Depending on availability, Eco2 Diving provides private excursions.

We make our boat available to big groups or for specific needs. In details, the boat rental includes the captain and one PADI professional to handle any situation. In addition, special requirements may be discussed.

Contact us in order to organise your private excursions!

  • Prices

    On request

  • Included Services

    One PADI professional

  • Extra Services

    Food and beverages
    Snorkeling equipment
    Diving equipments