eco2 diving, when the dream finally became reality

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The sea, once it casts its spell,
holds one in its net of wonder forever.

Jacques Yves Cousteau

Small team for incredible service

Eco2 Diving is a fully equipped SSI Dive center and PADI Dive centre with all our equipment from Scubapro or Aqualung. We operate on a 9m, fibreglass dive boat including a shaded area with twin 75hp Yamaha engines. We always carry emergency equipment such as first-aid, emergency O2, life jackets, etc. Because we are ‘off the beaten track’, we recommend all our divers to register a dive insurance including emergency evacuation. If you are not sure which to choose, we can help with dedicated DAN insurances. Just give us a shout for help.

Although diving in safe and secure conditions is very important…

… it should be the norm. What is going to  create unforgettable memories is down to one thing: the service. And we promise that on this point, you will be blown away.
We all take great pride and joy in providing very personalised 5 star service to each and every one of our customers.

Apart from the owners, you will get to know our lovely staff. Our dynamic duo, Juma and Shaibu, are our boat captains and know the local waters like the back of their hands ensuring perfectly safe excursions. Buruhani and Ali, two youngsters born and raised in Mikindani Mtwara, are currently learning all about the ocean: from boat captains to divers, they also assist us in our marine conservation project.

And underwater service…

… No big crowds underwater or wonders about what the guide is pointing out. We reduced our ratios to 1 guide for 4 divers on all our fun dives. Consequently, you are able to explore the unknown, spotting more fish than divers and having the greatest diving adventure.
We know you learn better in smaller groups. So, we reduced our course ratios too. Thus, we are entirely dedicated to you and happy to focus on your specific needs.

Our world-class muck dive is really worth the detour and we felt that 60 minutes was not enough to fully appreciate it. So… we pushed it to 90 minutes (air consumption dependant). Therefore, you have plenty of time to perfect that shot of the 6th seahorse you have seen or to discover more amazing critters in this marine paradise.
Regarding snorkelers, they are too often dropped in the ocean with no one introducing them to the local area. On our snorkeling tour, we always have a trained professional by your side to unveil the local beauties down to every last detail and maximise the fun.

eco2 diving cares about the unspoiled gem we enjoy every single day…

…This is why all Eco2 Diving services are designed to be low impact and environmentally friendly.

As a result, we promote underwater awareness and conservation of marine life one dive at a time. For instance, by applying a strict
no touch/no glove policy or by banning all single use plastic, we work hard to protect what we love.

Moreover, we are involved in different programs that fit our beliefs. Eco2 Diving is a PADI 100% Aware dive center, and we support marine conservation projects such as Green fins. As well, we help the local community by sponsoring schools and developing the local economy.

Finally, we started our own conservation program: Corals of Mikindani aims at maintaining and restoring our local reefs;
while Sea Turtles of Mikindani aims at protecting our local sea turtles and developing eco-tourism as an alternative.
Check our program and support us: donate, adopt, or volunteer. Any help is welcome!

In order to learn more about our mindset, check our reviews below
and our about us section.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

African proverb

What about you ?

So as the proverb says, we never make it far by ourselves so… we may have a few things to ask you.

Please help us by only using ‘reef safe’ suncream. Here in Mikindani or actually anywhere else in the world, suncream has a very damaging effect on corals. This little and simple change makes a huge difference to the health of our reefs… and to happiness of divers 🙂

Finding bins in here can be quiet challenging and too many of us just end up dropping waste in the wild. So, please dispose of all your rubbish (and cigarette butts) in appropriate containers or keep it until you can. You have no idea how rewarding it is to find that golden garbage collector after a whole day walking.

Make sure you bring a reusable water bottle or get one on the premises. We have a drinkable water fountain at the dive shop: feel free to fill up any time. 

Finally, since June, the 1st of 2019, Tanzania is prohibiting single use plastic. Support this great initiative by considering it when packing (fines can be pretty high) and refusing any single use plastic (straws not welcome…).

Now that you know it all, we hope you are more excited than ever to join us on our next dive trip and discover this unspoilt part of Tanzania.
We look forward to diving with you soon. Happy bubbles!